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Detective Olivia Benson strolled through the door of the medical examiner's building at exactly 9:02 a.m. She carried a small cup of coffee, carefully, and finished the last sip before depositing the cup in a trash bin outside Dr. Warner's lab. She thought it rude to drink coffee over the deceased. Whatever mechanisms she possessed to deal with the realities of her work - humor, detachment, dogged pursuit of information to avoid dwelling on the sudden shortening of a young woman's life - she also felt compelled to treat everyone with the utmost respect. Victims, living or dead. Colleagues. Warner expected them at nine, and here she was. She walked through the door.


* * *
Detective Olivia Benson strode into the carpeted hallway of the building, passing a uniformed officer on his way out, who nodded to her. She knew she had to face the scene, soon, and so she planned on stopping for a moment to relax.

She did it whenever she could, to prepare herself for the worst. Blood would be the worst - blood everywhere, the most visceral sign of human life. After years on the job, she was almost used to it. Almost. She had to make sure she was ready for blood. She closed her eyes and paused in her stride. Only a second or two, to center herself after all the stress of the last hour.

Elliot was following behind her so closely and so quickly that he almost ran into her. He stopped on his toes, a hand on her back. “What, are you meditating?” It unsettled both of them, because they were so used to each other's body language that they walked together, in sync, with plenty of space.

She didn't answer him, and took a deep breath. “Go on ahead, I'll be right behind you.”

He walked around her in two big strides, turned back to face her. “No, it's okay. I can wait.”

* * *
Lucille Spencer laughed as she pulled her laptop atop her bare thighs. “Oh, please! Like I'd confuse fluid and fluent. Pathetic. I know my tongues, darlin'. Hold on, somebody's knocking. Yeah, must be Nick, maybe he left his keys in his gym locker again. Men! Hold on.”

After punching the mute button on her phone, she set the laptop down on the coffee table, and the cell phone next to it. She padded across her living room to the door, and unlocked both latches with two quick flicks of her wrist. “Nicky, did you lose your... Oh. It's you. You should leave.”

The door slammed open, and Lucille was knocked backward. She swore violently. “You get the hell out.” She was stunned into silence by a blow to her face that sent her to the floor. When she realized what had happened, she screamed in rage. But her scream was cut short by another blow. And another.

Hello? Lucy?” came the voice on the cell phone. “Hello?

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You may have seen the first chapter of this over at svufiction.  Here's the first and second, linked to my journal.  Second one is not "approved" yet on svufiction, but I assume it shall be soon, and you can read it here.

Title: Circumstance

Disclaimer: In the internet fanfiction system, crimes of copyright infringement are considered especially heinous.  The brilliant characters who appear in these stories are property of Dick Wolf and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.  This is their story.

Summary: Lucille “Luscious” Spencer, writer of erotic fiction, meets a tragic end. Will Olivia and Elliot find a better one for themselves as they work to solve the case and bring her murderer to justice?

Takes place anywhere post- “Doubt” (Elliot and Kathy separate) and pre- “Fault”.  Or in an imaginary Season 8 or future of your choice.

Characters: Benson, Stabler, Fin, Munch, Cragen, Novak, OCs

Pairing:  Elliot/Olivia

Chapters: 2 so far, not completed

Rating: MA

Chapter 1: Spillover

Chapter 2: Luscious

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Title: Burden

Disclaimer: In the criminal justice system, crimes of copyright infringement are considered especially heinous. Sometimes authors are prosecuted for stealing characters that don't belong to them. This one isn't making any money off of them. This is her story.

Fandom: Law & Order: SVU; Season 6, after “Doubt” (in which a young woman claims to be raped by a professor, Elliot and Olivia disagree on the guilt or innocence of the accused, and it comes out that Elliot's wife has left him, and he is falsely accused of groping the victim when he takes her home.)

Rating: NC-17/MA (No one under 18 permitted anywhere on my journal)

Summary: An argument over a case heats up and becomes personal, and Olivia won't take Elliot's stony silence for an answer. Set season 6, post- “Doubt”.

Chapters: 1, words: 4,000

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Detective Mistress!

Yet another alias of the one & only piratemistress. This makes 7. How many names will LJ let me link to one email account?? The world may never know.

Enjoy the SVU fic, etc.!
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